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Govee DreamView T1 TV Backlight, Model: H6199
With the DreamView T1 TV Backlight, your gaming world and movie nights will never be the same. Enhance your home entertainment with splashes of vibrant colors dancing around your TV, mimicking what’s on-screen. • RGBIC Colored Lighting• Govee Envisual Color-Match technology• Voice + App Control• 12 Scene Modes• Music Mode
Notes: Alternate delivery of new and old packaging.

Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlights
Enhanced Visuals Beyond Your Screen
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Govee Envisual
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Voice Control
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APP Control
Govee Envisual Color-Match Technology
Our Govee Envisual camera intelligently recognizes and captures the colors on your TV screen and applies then to your backlights automatically. Extend your playing universe beyond the four corners of your TV screen.
Intelligent Camera

Intelligent Camera
Innovative Zone Division

Innovative Zone Division

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  • Rainbow
  • Aurora
  • Warm
Your Voice Has Power
Enjoy hands-free control? We’ve got you covered. Use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to power your lights on/off, change their colors, or increase/lower the brightness to your desired level. With simple voice commands, you’ll save time while setting the mood you want.

Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight Kit with Govee Envisual Camera

Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight Hands Free Voice Control
Light Up Your Music
It’s time you fully immerse in your favorite songs. Sync the dynamic sounds of that live concert or karaoke night with vivid colors, greatly enhancing your musical experience.
Every Side Covered
Govee DreamView T1 TV backlights are perfect for most 55-85inches flatscreens Reinvent how you binge-watch your favorite TV shows with dynamic colors emitting from every corner of your TV.
This backlight is not optimized to work with curved TVs.
Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight for 65 inch
Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight with 12 dynamic scene modes
12 Scene Modes
Create your epic gaming or casual movie night ambiance with 12 dynamic scene modes to choose from.
Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight Kit RGBW Light
Segmented Color
For those who want more color, you’ll love our segmented color control feature, made possible by our RGBIC technology. Personalize every segment on a single strip light for a more vibrant viewing experience.
Govee DreamView T1 Wi-Fi TV Backlight Kit with Smart APP Control
Smart APP Control
Use the Govee Home app to power yo


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