Woodestic Board Stand, The Woodestic Board Stand – your board games’ perfect companion. This sturdy stand offers a stylish and practical solution for storing your board games when they’re not in play.
Compatible with all Woodestic boards. It not only keeps your boards safe but also adds an elegant touch to your room, proudly displaying your games in all their glory.

Woodestic Board Stand

$ 29.00

For board game enthusiasts seeking an organized and visually pleasing solution, here it is the Woodestic Board Stand!

Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, this stand puts your board game collection to a new level.

The Woodestic Board Stand is built to provide a stable and secure storage solution for your boards. No more worries about unstable storage or game boards getting scuffed – this stand ensures your boards are well-protected. You can place it on the floor, on a chest of drawers, or a table.

What sets our board stand apart from any other is its versatility.
  • Seamlessly accommodates all Woodestic boards.
  • Designed to showcase your board games in their entirety, allowing you to proudly display your collection while keeping them safe and organized.
  • The perfect partner to showcase and protect your treasured collection while adding a touch of sophistication to your room.

Not only is the Woodestic Board Stand practical, but it also adds an elegant touch to your room’s decor. Crafted in Woodestic quality, featuring a clean and modern design, it effortlessly complements your interior.

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