Woodestic PitRush, Pitrush is an insanely funny, flicking action game for the whole family.
Players try to occupy as many pits as possible by flicking small wooden discs into the pits.
Depending on the number of players there are two modes to play, a rapid mode and a more tactical mode.


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Woodestic Pitrush


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Woodestic PitRush: Quick play, deep strategy – you set the pace!

Got 5-15 minutes to spare? PitRush, this Hungarian masterpiece, has you covered! Unlike those board games that require extensive setup, PitRush lets you dive into the action right away. It’s the game that perfectly balances quick excitement and tactical challenge:

  • 2-6 players
  • 5-15 minutes average playtime
  • for the whole family to enjoy
Arena Mode – Fast-paced frenzy:

Gather 3-6 players for an adrenaline-pumping showdown! It’s a scatter-style game where everyone shoots their discs at once. Missed shots? No worries! You can take another shot without penalties. Get ready for a wild ride as you compete to capture and steal the board’s holes. It’s a friendly but heated battle where every second counts.

Tournament Mode – For the tacticians:

In this mode, 2-4 players take turns, providing more tactical options and intense competition. If you love skill-based challenges and outsmarting your opponents, this mode is your playground. Before each shot, you’ll need to strategize—pick the right hole to maximize your points and block your rivals. It’s a thinking person’s game, perfect for tactical minds.

How to Play:

The goal? Flick your discs into the holes on the game board to rack up those points. Different holes offer different scores, so choose your shots wisely. But that’s not all; you can also outmaneuver your rivals by pushing their discs out of the way or seizing control of a hole by sliding onto a disc already in it. It’s simple, it’s thrilling, and it’s pure fun.


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Bronze set

pitrush silver cherry walnut

Silver set

Game rules
Disc set49 Pitrush disc49 Pitrush disc
Wall hanger kit
Disc storage2 linen bags2 Mini storage boxes
Pitrush pick stick12
Ergonomic wooden pen
Gliss powder 90g
Gliss powder refill 90g
30-day trial
97-year lifetime
Vanish scratches


Even if you only have 5-15 minutes to spare, you can still enjoy a quick game or two of Pitrush! Unlike many other board games, there’s no need for lengthy preparation or setup time.



The objective of the game is to flick the discs into the holes on the game board to score points. Depending on the hole, different points may be awarded. Players can also push their opponent’s discs out of the way or take control of a hole by sliding onto the disc that’s already in it. And that’s all there is to it!


In Tournament mode, 2-4 players take turns shooting, which provides more tactical options and less equalization, resulting in a more challenging game when playing with skilled opponents.


Arena mode is designed for 3-6 players and offers a fast-paced, scatter-style game where everyone can shoot their discs at the same time. Unlike Tournament mode, missed shots can be retried without penalty, adding an extra level of excitement to the game.



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